I really wanted to write about her. Although I discovered her a few months ago, when I did it, I said to myself: “Oh, my God, look how much colour and how beautiful, why do I wear always in black in winter?”. I did nothing else but the truth is that social networks have “something” that makes the “things you once see” stay always with you. By the way, have you seen The Social Dilemma film? I recommend it.

Today I want to use this space to talk about my discovery.

Are you interested? Let’s go.

Today’s protagonist is a woman. Her name, Patricia, but many of you will know her as Vinuesa. Because talking about Vinuesa is talking about Patricia and vice versa.

Vinuesa started5 years ago approximately, when Patricia (Vinuesa), who until then had been studying to belong to the body of penitentiary institutions, as her father and grandfather once did, decided to jump and dedicate herself to what she really liked. The truth is that being a civil servant was not what she wanted to do, it was going to be just “a job”. In any case, the crisis arrived and everything began to fall apart, even the places for prison officers dropped from 1000 to 60. Things were getting worse.

That’s how Patricia began to shape her great passion: jewels. She needed to start making money, as she was living on her own. So she decided to show her first creations to some well-known stores, where she started selling, yes, but very slowly. He also became part of the Etsy platform, which you may know, and yes, she also sold something, but it was also very little, and she participated only in two markets because the situation was the same: she didn’t sell enough. But one day, encouraged and motivated by “her people” to go out to the arena and show her own jewellery, she finally went for it. This was her first big decision.

It is true that she spent two and a half years practically without buying anything for herself because she did not make any profit until “the moment arrived”. Do you know what Patricia did with that first “money she got”? She invested it in one person and started delegating. This was Patricia’s second big decision. Today, by the way, there are already 6 people working together in Vinuesa.

“In one hour we sell one month’s turnover”, says Patricia.

While that moment arrived, Patricia, who was not “digital” and who dedicated 8 hours a day mainly to create her jewels (not to sell them), decided to train in marketing, branding, strategy, business, because even though her hands were busy, she still had her ears “free” and ready to continue training. In addition, Patricia discovered so much valuable content for free on the web that she couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

So, when Patricia started showing the creative process of the jewellery and started speaking directly and as naturally as possible to the audience, she got some very good feedback that changes everything. What happened? What was the secret? Just that she dit it. That made her confidence increased a lot.

Today she collaborates with many brands, which also make her grow. This is one of her strengths. So is thinking and acting as she does, being aware that:

“To achieve something, you have to spend more than 5000 hours… to become an expert in what you want to achieve and to go on”.

Patricia has not only managed to make a place for herself in the difficult world of jewellery. Day after day she adds more and more people to her accounts, especially women. They follow her and buy her creations. Sincerely, listening to Patricia and seeing him live, so natural, attracted you. For me, it’s pure sweetness, but don’t be fooled, behind the image that Patricia shows us, always brilliant and happy, there is a lot of effort, perseverance, inspiration, illusion, passion, talent. I think that she has all of it and also a very special way of communicating. Without a doubt, Patricia Vinuesa is a great E.P.

If you want to listen to Patricia on air, start following her. Here you have her Instagram account and her web. And if you have any kind of doubt you can write to her at

Enjoy the week and those around you, always with a touch of colour.

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