The great laboratory of life

Today I bring you an entrepreneurial project that’s already a reality. It is very special for me and for a few people (teachers of different educational levels) that I had the pleasure of meeting more than a year ago thanks to the Princess of Girona Foundation. Today, I can proudly say that since then we have formed a very special team of people, who remain in contact thanks to social media, but especially thanks to each one of the people behind it, because otherwise nothing of this would make sense.

Today I present to you Colectivo Docente. If you are interested in education, please keep reading.

Charo Ramírez, Cristina Montes, Raquel Gey and Antonio Gálvez are the members of Colectivo Docente (Collective Teachers), a cooperative movement reflected in a platform whose co-founders consider The Great Laboratory of Life.

Cristina, Raquel, Antonio and Charo are four teachers who identify themselves as seekers of new experiences and projects. I know that they are not the only ones, but it’s true that it was these four magnificent people who, after participating in the FPDG pedagogical expedition, decided to take the initiative, design an idea and start developing this project that I present to you today. So, congratulations. You know that for me you are teacherpreneurs, in case you weren’t aware of it yet.

The four of them, Raquel, Antonio, Charo and Cristina, firmly believe in the power of education, an education that in their case has the shape of a sum that I’m sure (because I know) that it’s already a  multiplication. Let me explain: to the official curriculum (which cannot be forgotten, because it couldn’t be different for the moment, right?) LIFE is added, which teaches us each step we take, each day that passes, each minute that we live. Hence, Colectivo Docente is committed to linking these two concepts (curriculum + life) through processes seasoned by research, creativity, critical thinking and another series of the so-called transversal competences or soft skills that are so important in our lives. Of course, in multidisciplinary and multiregional contexts, which is how teaching-learning processes work in real life.

How is it done? Obviously through active methodologies such as SL (Service and Learning), PBL (Project-Based Learning), Design thinking or CL (Cooperative Learning), among others. Oh, and without forgetting social media and technology, which give us the possibility of working remotely, between schools and educational entities located a few or many kilometers away, especially right now.

Because the four people who represent Colectivo Docente (Antonio, Charo, Cristina and Raquel) and their followers, who become more every day, base their educational work on Collaborating, Committing, Cooperating, in the Day-to-day, through moments of Co-Creation with Colleagues, Companions in life and in the classroom, and who are Passionate about Education and its power in the Transformation of People.

Our CRACs, I couldn’t find a better acronym for these four teacherpreneurs, have already started to launch proposals. Here you have where they are at the moment:

By the way, you can join the Colectivo Docente through social media (Instagram and twitter for the moment) in the @colectivodocente account or contact them directly:

I’m already part of them and I’m looking forward to their first meeting of good practices.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Easter holidays and you come back full of energy.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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