TALDEKA: supporting local entrepreneurship

A few days ago I read the following comment that Sofía Benjumea made, director of the Madrid Campus, a space created by Google for entrepreneurs in Madrid, and co-founder of Spain Startup (Head of Google for Startups Spain):

Ideas are worthless, the key is on the execution and surrounding yourself with a team that helps you do it.

That’s how I want to start this post, because I also think that it’s necessary to not only have ideas but, especially, to take the plunge and launch them, apply them and/or implement them.

If you are from Bizkaia and your intention is to start your business through designing, developing and/or innovating an app, a game, a program or something similar, creating media content, or developing an idea where “the digital” is present in some way, you are reading the right post. I encourage you to stay with me. I’m sure it comes to your mind some kind of entrepreneurship where the digital plays some part, either small or big.

Today I want to present you a new initiative by the Agencia Foral de Empleo y Emprendimiento DEMA and C2b (a technological and digital project promoting company with extensive experience in training, and who offers customized solutions in every business area). They have been presenting for a few years the Taldeka program, for supporting entrepreneurs or, better said, for supporting people with the “entrepreneurial profile who consider the possibility of creating their own company”.

In this occasion, the program is focused on the digital world because from the same promoting institutions they believe that:

The digital world is one of the work options of the future that has gained more strength. Nearly all companies must transform themselves digitally, adopting new ways of selling, producing and new forms of relationships.”

With the program they offer you can:

  • Learn the key points to launching a startup with the help of professionals of the digital area.
  • Conceptualize the product you are working on.
  • Know the ecosystem of the digital entrepreneurship, from the phase of ideation to the member recruitment and capital phase.
  • Know the successful cases.
  • Manage and achieve the success of your project.
  • Share the acquired knowledge with a group of investors, professionals, and people interested through presentations.

To sum up, you will learn to plan, develop and grow your digital company project with the help from professionals and mentors, through individual mentorships when necessary. 

All of that, thinking that knowledge, contacts, and products are necessary in the entrepreneurial world.

Oh, the program will last 4 weeks, it will start on the 8th of April and you are still able to register until the 22nd of March.

Enjoy the week.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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