Taking actions to share happiness and illusion


Some days ago I received a message on my WhatsApp EmakumeEkin that caught my eye and that I answered immediately.   It was about making children and adults happy. Today, less than a month away from Christmas, I bring you an initiative that I think it’s worth it. It’s a clear example of social and supportive entrepreneurship.

Would you like to answer the message?

I’m not going to lie to you, today I’m going to ask you for money or economical collaboration; it’s not much, trust me, but I’m going to ask it to you, so, why trick you? I think the project deserves it, so, if you want to keep reading a little bit more, go on. I encourage you, because if you can’t, at least, maybe anyone around you might be able to or, who knows, maybe we come up with a similar initiative for the near future, because we are P.E. (entrepreneurs)after all.

The initiative “Los Reyes de Verdad”  has already been up for 6 years and they are a lot of children and adults who have saw it for themselves.  The idea is very simple bat what we get is so big that this project shows us that we don’t have to have an overflowing intelligence nor have some big ideas to put into practice nor being a genius to carry successful big projects forward. What is really necessary is effort, coordination, solidarity and compromise.


But, what does this initiative do exactly? It consists on buying a gift that costs between 25 and 35 euros approximately for a child or an adult that, due to circumstances that occur in life they are living in a reception centre, in a juvenile facility, Cáritas centres, foster houses for abused women or orphans, jails, prisoners centres, nursing homes… people with huge economic necessities and in disadvantaged situations who can’t afford even a gift for their loved ones in a special day like the Reyes Magos (Wise Men) night.

child-865116_1920All of this was born 6 years ago, when a group of 7 friends, who were collaborating in a reception centre, decided to make children happy: children who were spending Christmas in a different way, without illusion and full of sadness, without being able to experience the Magic of the Night of the Reyes. Then they suggested changing that sadness for the happiness and illusion that implies writing a letter and receiving a gift for a child. They had it quite easy so they started working on it, They asked their closest relatives for help and that way they made sure 150 children got “their” gift that night.

This idea didn’t get forgotten, quite the opposite actually, and after 5 years, in 2015, they managed to make 5000 children and 800 adults (their beloved elderly) happy.  Tell us then that we are not caring.

There were 7 friends when they started this initiative. Today the number has risen to more than 30 “Reinas Magas de Verdad” (Real Wise Women), more than 30 women who coordinate a project that changes their lives during at least 2 months.  Women, by the way, with their own jobs, families and usual responsbilities.

I encourage you to go on the following link and watch the video  you will find in it. You will know some of the people that make this dream come true.

Oh, and if finally you want and can collaborate on this initiative, you just have to go on this page and sign up, you will receive a child’s or an elderly person’s letter shortly and you will be able to put on the crown of Wise Man or Woman.  Can you?

Thank you in advance for your collaboration and thank you to the more than 30 Wise Women who some years ago had this initiative and started it.

Be happy and see you next week.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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