, do you want to change the world?

If you have an exhibition space, if you need emerging artists to exhibit their work at your artistic and/or cultural spaces, if you are part of a group of artists, if you are looking for artists for a project or if you need to illustrate a book, edit a collection of stories or a soundtrack, you are reading the post you need.

Today I present you, a project with a lot of art. is the result of a dream and a lifetime project at the same time. A project that I would define as innovative and social, and whose CEO and founding member I met almost a year ago. I am talking about Saioa Eibar.

Saioa is an entrepreneur woman who reached to Met community to finish shaping her project. Passionate about art, one day she left everything behind to start a new adventure, according to her, an amazing and very rewarding adventure: being an entrepreneur. Her challenge was to change the world while acting, not from the sofa but while supporting emerging art and responsible consumption.

I encourage you to listen to Saioa (speaking in Spanish) about the reason why exists: has the shape Saioa and her team wanted. It has become an online art store, a kind of art gallery online with a marketplace in which not only do they sell pictures or photography but also other types of art such as albums, sculpture or books. The point is that solidarters wants to give visibility to social projects and to artists, emerging or not, but with great talent.

That is why this platform invites artists (solidartist), social projects (solidart’ngo) and people who enjoy art and culture/art and culture lovers (solidarters) to join this community who wants to become the biggest one.

Personally, there is something that I especially like, and it is that with each work that is sold through this platform, they are supporting the social project the artist chooses. The only thing that is needed is that the social project has to be registered at This way, Saioa and her team achieve two goals: one the one hand, to support and enjoy art and culture; and on the other hand, to make possible to donate a part of the money they earn with the purchases to specific social projects.

Saioa and her team, who are full of illusion, enthusiasm, energy, passion and a little bit of craziness, scream at the to the world:

We want to flood the world with art and culture!

They see themselves in the future as referents in the diffusion of the art and culture market, why not? That’s how they thought more than a year ago and today they already count with their own spin-off: Fair Saturday, the biggest mobilization of art and culture with a social impact. Who gives more? They have already written down that their only limit is the sky.

Among the values that guide this team and people are:

  • Freedom: because at there’s place for every person who believes that other way to enjoy art and culture is possible.
  • Honesty: because they try to be honest in their business model and because they believe every artist deserves an opportunity to promote their talent and work.
  • Creativity: because they are the ones who do all of the administrative, sales and logistic work so the artists can do what they do best.
  • Passion to their community: because they want the client to be satisfied with the purchases they make.
  • Nonconformity: because they think they can change the world and believe in ACTION as a base for that change.
  • Solidarity: because it is the responsibility with our surroundings the principle that rules their business model.

If you too want to be part of you have not three but four possibilities: to be solidartist, solidart’ngo, solidarters or support all of them through social media. You can do it by recommending clicking this link or becoming one of the first three options through this one.

Oh, and if you weren’t convinced already, I leave you once again with Saioa, let’s see if she achieves it. Do you dare click here?

Enjoy this week and thank you for still being here.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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