Nuria Hache, when art is in your blood

You can find the protagonist of today’s post on social media as Nuria Hache, an entrepreneur from head to toe with whom I had the privilege of sharing some of her time a few days ago; do you want to know her?

On August of 2018, by chance, I received a drawing of our dear Marijaia that I loved. Finally, someone made a nice drawing of Marijaia, at least for me, and illustrated her story for those who still don’t know her. It turns out that it was not other than Nuria Hernández Pintor, or as many of us know her, Nuria Hache, because as she says, “you don’t have to know me but my work”.

Nuria is observant, passionate about her job, music and literature, self-taught, very responsible and decisive, with ambition, thoughtful (like the good illustrator she is), humble, creative (of course), very talented; she is not afraid of challenges, she likes helping others and collaborating on team projects, and she thinks that we learn by doingthat we can’t run away from new technologies (of course she uses them too) and that evolution is necessary, in fact, she is in a permanent state of learning.

In her words, she is “cooking up the whole day”, which, sometimes, is very tiring. But she is like that, an entrepreneur by vocation and obligation, she has “itchy feet” but with a very creative mind and hands that sometimes paint and draw guided by a natural instinct.

Nuria has balanced her job from home with her job in advertising agencies, publishing houses, magazines, learning apps, institutions and private companies until approximately 10 years ago, when she took the definitive plunge into the entrepreneurship world. It was then when she thought she had to do everything she thought she had to do and because, as she says, she feels more job security with herself than working for others.”

That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t live the uncertainty with some fear day after day, because entrepreneurs know that the job and making ends meet depend on herself. Thus, sometimes she feels a little bit overwhelmed about how is going to be the working month. Nevertheless, Nuria is living a nice time, because some bad times have already passed.

While she is currently thinking about making works in ceramic and working the linocut, now she is dedicating a lot of her time to illustrate books of educative texts and to making more personalized jobs. She has done many types of work: text books, children’s apps, illustrations about the civil war in Euskadi, comics, plates of Bilbao, dog vivant, beer cans (La Salve, of course), portraits and a long etc.

Nuria’s work has received the Premio Peru Abarka de Ilustración and the Premio Cartel de San Faustos, it was a finalist of the Euskadi Award of Illustration, she has exhibited her work at the Sharjah illustration Fair and in SELECTED Europe. And what is still to come.

I already have a Nuria Hache at home, and you? What are you waiting for?

I hope, Nuria, that we keep enjoying your art and your talent many more years. Oh, and tell your mom that you really are an entrepreneur, without any doubt, because no one knows it better than her.

Oh, and if you still have any doubt, you can find Nuria Hache through these links:

And contact her through this e-mail:

I hope you start November happily and you enjoy it fully.

  • The book I’m referring to is MARIJAIA, GURE MARIAJIA, 2018, by Idoia Barrondo and Nuria Hache, ISBN: 978-84-7752-634-6

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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