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I admit that this week I have a difficult challenge, mainly because of the person I came to talk to you about. Although I’ve known her for a few years, in fact for more than two decades, I have to be honest: I need to confess that I did not imagine talking about her in this blog until just a few days ago. For me, she has always been a guide in the world of philosophy, art and aesthetics. Today, I introduce her most unknown facet to me: the one of being an entrepreneur person.

When I began my studies at the University of Deusto, back in 1998-1999, the protagonist of today’s post had already been teaching for a few years. Who was going to tell me today that this post would be addressed to her?

Mª Luisa Amigo Fernández de Arroyabe, Marisa for friends, is a professor, graduated in Philosophy and Romance Philology and PhD in Philosophy from the University of Deusto. Let me begin saying it. Today, she is mainly focused on teaching at the University of Deusto and writing children’s books. Well, I should probably say that she is focused on promoting the taste and enjoyment for reading (a difficult task for us as parents), and, in the end, the creative leisure.

The fact is that Marisa is not new in these matters. If I had to count the books she has published it would take me a while, because her academic work is countless: it is the work of a professor like herself. Her teaching and research work has led her to write almost since she began her studies at the University of Deusto more than 40 years ago.

I have always known Marisa playing important management positions at the University of Deusto, her second home. Personally, I remember with special affection her confidence in me while she was the dean of the then Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences. And when it seemed that our paths were separated a little, we met again being her the director of the doctoral program in Leisure and human development, of which I keep another of my great memories. But Marisa has always been there, worrying about me and my family and, above all, about my professional and personal situation. Thank you, Marisa.

A few years ago, this woman from Bilbao demonstrated to many people, once again, how important it is in this life to be brave, positive, supportive, fighting, not let you overcome by uncertainties and, above all, to get ahead to make your dreams come true. Today, Marisa, a woman who, as you can see, collects a few of the values ​​of the P.E. has launched the adventure of being and entrepreneur (start a business). She has just launched a blog to, among others, announce the books and stories she has been writing for some years, influenced by his 4 grandchildren (the ones she has for the moment) and her taste for reading and writing that she has cultivated since she was a child.

Three years ago she wrote a couple of very supporting stories: Araitz, Ixone y Unai en el parque de los patos  and Platero y las palabras perdidas. The support of the cause of three children from Bilbao who suffer from the Sanfilippo syndrome was, then, one of her objectives. In fact, all the benefits collected with the first book are entirely to Stop Sanfilipo Foundation, to investigate this disease. She has recently edited El secreto de cave canem, a book for seven years old children, which takes place at the University of Deusto: a suspense story set in a place Marisa knows very well. Oh, and this last book is the first of a trilogy. Will our children dare to read the next one?

Marisa doesn’t want to write just for writing. She herself says this:

I do it because I like to write and because I want children to enjoy reading the little stories I create. I would like nothing more than children asking for another book after finishing reading one of my stories. So, this is my main goal: make them to enjoy reading and have pleasant experiences with it.”

That is why the blog is designed so that the parents accompany our children in the adventure of reading together, with the desire that the little ones enjoy it and with the intention of favoring the taste for reading. Marisa’s idea is to incorporate in the blog some audios that she herself will record with chapters of the stories. Now she is taking the first steps in this entrepreneurial adventure and will start alternating entries about El secreto de cave canem and Platero y las palabras olvidadas.

I can tell you first-hand that among the people who register on the blog, some books the Fortuna publishing house and the family of Juan Ramón Jiménez (yes yes, the writer) have ceded from their editorial background as well as copies of Platero y yo will be raffled. The idea is that as time passes, Marisa will raffle books among the people who answer the questions she raises.

Do you like the idea? I encourage you to register on the blog through the following addresses: or

Marisa and the world of imagination, sensitivity, creative and creative intelligence, the awareness of the other and curiosity, are waiting for you.

Happy week.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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