Finally, approximately a month ago I could have a conversation that I’ve had pending for more than a year, with the protagonist of today’s post: an entrepreneur woman full of vitality, always with a smile on her face and with clear ideas who gave me a bit of her time, which I know is very valuable.

I invite you to know Nagore Espinosa and her company in2destination.

The first time I knew of Nagore was in March of 2017 through a message where she showed interest in participating as a mentee in the mentoring program METCommunity. Then I already thought she was a “perfect” candidate, and not only can I say that we “did well” choosing her, but I can also confirm that she is an E.P. without any doubt. And, of course, to this day and after getting her diploma as a mentee in October of 2017 provided by her mentor Matxalen Acasuso, Nagore works as a mentor in the international mentoring program that leads METCommunity. Is that all!

In addition to being a graduate in Tourism by the University of Deusto and being a professor of the Tourism degree in the same university, her alma mater, our protagonist of today is a model expert for The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) – not in vain she coordinates voluntarily INRouTe, the international network who supports the UNWTO –.

Nagore has on her back more than 14 years of experience in the touristic sector: in the private hotel sector, event management and consultancy; in the public sector, in the Spanish Tourism Ministry in New York; and in the academic sector, in the Research Center CICtourGUNE, the University of Deusto, the Ca’Foscari University of Venice and in the Center of Economic Studies CISET.

During these years and during the performance of different roles, Nagore has worked in New York (USA), Venice (Italy), Bilbao and San Sebastián (Spain), Medellín (Colombia), Lugano (Switzerland) and Sheffield (UK). That’s just some of her CV, you can imagine that I can’t write on this post everything she has done.

Well, what I will tell you is what Nagore transmits me: a restless (she’s always all over the place), curious, observing, passionate and hard-working woman, with her feet on the ground, who loves – almost – everything surrounding the tourism world, who enjoys herself with what she does, who is always willing to keep training and who is trained in reputable national and European institutions, and who, of course, knows what life is worth when one moves around the entrepreneurial world.

In December of 2015 she started her adventure as a freelancer and in February of 2017 she built the S.L. in2destinatona research and consultancy company whose goal is to “promote the development, strengthening and transformation of destinies, resources and touristic companies towards an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive management”, for which they offer a large list of services (strategic consultancy, measurement of the tourism, coordination, and training).

The list of services developed by in2destination just for the measurement of the tourism made by Nagore and her team (Carlota Cazalla and Unai Bernabé) may serve as an example:

  • in2GISflow
  • in2feedback
  • in2stats
  • in2pricing
  • in2apartments
  • in2VICs

Again, this is just an example. The list of projects where she’s participated, the institutions she’s worked with, the hundreds of people she’s met on her way and the countless trips to the different continents Nagore keeps making to this day is admirable. I encourage you to take a look at her website.

I would like to end this post with one of Nagore’s thoughts:

Without any doubt, the measurement of the tourism is a great unknown, we know that this is not a “sexy” topic but it’s crucial to make decisions based on real data. In addition to that, we train them concerning sustainable, accessible, adapted and inclusive tourism, and innovation in tourism. The target public receiver of this training may vary a lot: teams of ministries of tourism and environment or governs at regional or local levels, central banks of countries, the academic world, touristic companies of the private sector and entrepreneurs, among others.

Finally, she’s a woman who is always confronting new challenges, who is always supporting a rising market and who, between action and action, is looking for the stability of her company and of the team that accompanies her on this adventure. No one said that being an E.P. was easy.

Nagore, we will keep seeing each other on the corridors and supporting each other with that smile that characterizes us.

Enjoy these days.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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