I am back

You cannot imagine how much I missed sharing this space with you! I know it took me more time to come back compared to years before (one month, approximately), but I’ve told you many times that this space is a gift for me and that’s how I took it this time. From now on, I hope to be here every two weeks with news about E.P. and entrepreneurial initiatives of any kind, because I assure you there are a ton.

Today I want to share with you a conference I’m participating in this week (October 7th-9th), the I Congreso Andaluz sobre Emprendimiento Educativo: Una Perspectiva Internacional (The First Andalusian Conference on Educational Entrepreneurship. An International Perspective), celebrated in Seville.

As soon as they told me about it, I had no doubt I wanted to be a part of it. It was not because I am very impulsive. It was the theme, the main goal of the conference, the people I was going to share during the round table, the rest of the participants, the surrounding and the friends I was going to see and hug again. I know that this event is taking place in the middle of the academic year, but I am able to attend thanks to the support from the University of Deusto and the Education and Sports Faculty, where I belong.

Let me tell you in detail:

About the congress:

  • The theme is excellent: educational entrepreneurship.
  • The goals, more than interesting:
    • Launching a reflective process to guide educational practice to address in a planned way the treatment of the entrepreneurial competences in the students.
    • Boosting a series of “execution knowledge” that promote: independence, professional choice and development, human capital improvement, social and productive dynamism, and enhancement of quality life and common good.
    • Carrying out a critical eye about the aspects that influence a fundamental strategy in the formation of people throughout their life: entrepreneurship.
  • I like the way of organizing the congress: interdisciplinary dialogic spaces about three lines of content with an international perspective:
    • Line 1: What entrepreneurial competences for which entrepreneurial education
    • Line 2: Good practice in the entrepreneurial education area
    • Line 3: The role public and private institutions have in entrepreneurial education: what and how
  • The people that will be with me at the round table are perfect examples of E.P.: Simón Menéndez (Ashoka) and Luis García Díaz (Genially). Besides, I’ll have the pleasure of meeting again other speakers, among which I highlight Carmen Pellicer and María Batet, but you can’t miss the others.

About the surrounding:

What can I tell you about Seville? I’d need a few more posts for it, of course, so I’ll just say the “taste” of its people, its surrounding, its music, its art, and its food, why not?

About the more than anticipated meetings:

This was an excellent ingredient because in addition to the speakers I’m going to learn and have fun with, I’ll be able to share some time with one of my great discoveries of the pre-pandemic: my friends from the Princess of Girona Foundation (FPdGi), a few of my favourite teacherpreneurs. I am so excited to see them!

I’ll come back in two weeks. Enjoy the month of October, because I know September has been intense.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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