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I am writing this post from Manresa, specifically from The Cave of Saint Ignatius Ignacio , a special place for Jesuits and for those of us who share their values. When I was coming to Manresa on Sunday with my colleagues, while we were talking, a project was mentioned. It is not new but it catched my attention. Let me tell you about it.

It is Fabretto, an internationally recognized organization that, for the moment, has contributed to 54,648 children and young people in Nicaragua having received a comprehensive quality education, from infancy to adolescence. They have done so in community, with the help of parents, teachers and local leaders and partners through programs focused on health and food security, gender equality, violence prevention, community development, environmental conservation and sustainability, and universal and Christian values.

Its mission is:

“To educate and empower underserved children, youth, and their families to enable them to improve their livelihoods and their communities.”

It all began in 1948 with Salesian missionary and priest Rafael Maria Fabretto, an Italian who went to Nicaragua. The situation of poverty in which the children lived led him to found five “Oratorios” (children’s homes). This led to change the lives of hundreds of very vulnerable children.

“Despite a lack of financial resources, as well as the nation’s uncertain social, political and economic climate, Padre Fabretto managed to obtain local resources of food, clothing and educational supplies”.

After Father Fabretto’s death, and with the arrival of Kevin Marinacci, the organization spread throughout the United States and Europe. Today the Oratories are Educational Centers that currently benefit more than 50,000 children and young people.

I invite you to get to know this project, a social entrepreneurship project full of stories (In Spanish) about future(s), support, education, hope, opportunity, entrepreneurship, motivation, joy, resilience, smile, commitment, path, change, shelter, miracle(s), survival, climate change, empowerment, children, women, strength, celebration, stimulation, teaching, overcoming, dreams, dreams, learning, progress, good cause, heroines, extraordinary people, positive revolution, advocacy, sharing, vocations, transformation, nurturing, diversification, family, teacher(s) and master(s), entrepreneurs, family stories, literacy, talent, inspiration, empowerment, friendship, in short, success stories.

Do not forget it, please.

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