Fair Saturday

On November 27th, yes, TODAY, a new edition of the Fair Saturday is taking place at the Bilbao Arena Miribilla. If you still don’t know about this event, please, read this post, because I really think it’s worth it.

Fair Saturday  is a non-profit foundation registered in 2015.

“It is committed to developing a better world through the promotion of arts and culture and social empathy as key drivers of change”.

The work team is made up of four people, although there are many people who support this cause in different ways. Now, the team that works every day is formed by Jordi Albareda (Director and Co-founder), Saioa Eibar (Co-founder and Barreras Invisibles), Ane del Ferrero (Regional Manager UK & USA) and Gonzalo A. Santocildes (New Business Models & Tech).

Their mission is double:

  • To promote a world that is more virtuous, fair, and aware of people’s needs through arts and culture.
  • To create links and build bridges between different cultures and territories through culture.

They carry out different activities, among which today I’d like to highlight the following: to acknowledge the work charities and social projects do, help them spread their message and collaborate in the generation of new funding streams for their projects through the promotion of cultural activities; to provide with artistic and cultural education to children and young adults from environments at risk of exclusion and to make arts and cultural activities accessible to them; to develop educational centres, programmes, grants and scholarships in the field of arts and culture to people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged; and to investigate about culture and art.

Some examples of the launch of these types of activities are:

  • The Fair Saturday awards celebrated since 2017, aim at an international level to identify, recognize, and project referential people and organizations in social transformation through culture.
  • The Fair Saturday Inspiration, inspiring talks every day for a complete month offer us different ideas, perspectives, experiences, practices, and points of view about culture and social innovation. A privileged space to know and think about what the world does for culture and art.
  • The Fair Saturday Festival is dedicated to creating “a day to improve the world through art and culture”.

The Fair Saturday Festival is a cultural movement with social impact celebrated every last Saturday of November, always the day after Black Friday, the day where many of us buy things just for the sake of it (with exceptions, of course).

In this Festival we can meet thousands of artists and cultural entities from around the world. Their goal is to support through their event a social project of their choice. In this edition, more than 1500 artists will participate. They will perform important pieces of music history in an unforgettable audiovisual show. I’m sure it will be a unique and magical night with which the Fair Saturday 2021 will start at international level, because each year there are more cities and regions added to it.

I encourage you to take a look at the programme with more than 120 events because I’m sure some of them will interest you.

I’ve already told you, now you just have to take the step. Will I see you there?

Thank you Saioa for introducing me to this initiative from its start and thank you for being that entrepreneurial and carrying out with that great team all those initiatives.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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