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it is true. I haven’t written for some weeks now, with the summer in between, but, this time, with more than enough reason not to do it. I admit that writing about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs is one of the “things” that I am most proud of.

These days I have met soooo many entrepreneurs: former participants of the Ingenio program (there they are, demonstrating their talents); people who are starting their businesses (with dreams that are starting to come true); people who are taking a somersault at a decisive moment in their lives and who have decided to do it NOW (they are not lacking in courage); people responsible for very beautiful and successful entrepreneurial projects; entrepreneurs who, at last, are starting their businesses (with dreams that are starting to come true); entrepreneurs who, at last, are beginning to reap their fruits (they have been taking care of and observing their “proposals” with great affection); in short, many entrepreneurs who, every time I saw them, reminded me how much can be done and achieved if we make an effort and fight for it.

Today I want to introduce you to an initiative that “came back” a few weeks ago and that I think is worthwhile, because it is part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Next Thursday, October 5, at 7 Barrio del Medio, Zurbano (Álava-Spain), from 9:15 to 14:00 a new “Entrepreneurship Thursday” will take place. This time with the slogan “Lead from your essence”. During the event, KABIA will be presented, an “Entrepreneurship Community where to give wings to your project”, which is promoted by the Basque Government through HAZI together with other support entities, and, of course, open to new collaborators.

“A new physical and digital space to generate community among entrepreneurs in rural and coastal areas and in the value chain of food or wood. Its mission is to accompany, create, grow, and consolidate projects and people through cooperation”.

The ultimate goal is to create a network of networks for entrepreneurs to find support and feel accompanied by all the support entities.

Here you have the program, to take a look at it. Don’t miss this new opportunity to feel accompanied and “network” and sign up before places run out.

By the way, with the help of business leadership sherpas, Olarte Personas, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about tools that will help you to bring out your strengths when leading your business project and how to apply them.
  • Explore the derailers that can generate negative impacts on your business project and you will know how to adjust them.
  • Take a journey through the life of your company to help you explore concerns and address fears in order to generate an action plan appropriate to your needs at this vital moment.
  • Empower your authentic leadership to bring – in an increasingly competitive and dynamic business world – the essential warmth and quality that only you know will mark the success and prosperity of any business project.

I hope this initiative will also be of interest to you.

Thank you for following ME.

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