Ekomodo, an example of circular and sustainable economy

I am back. This summer has been a very special and peculiar one. It allowed me to rest a little, read a little, observe a lot and make new friends, that kind of friends that leave their mark. The same one that the fact of saving plastic bottle caps a few years ago, more than a decade at least, left me. That’s why today’s post has to do with caps, but also with creativity, innovation, youth, circular economy, environment and the desire to change for the better.

Are you ready for it? Go ahead.

As I was saying, a few years ago I started storing plastic bottle caps in a mini-container I have at home. The plastic, like paper, oil or organic garbage, was already being recycled in its corresponding containers. However, probably, like many of you, I had also received different requests for plastic bottle caps to, for example, “get” a wheelchair or other necessities that could improve the lives of children with certain needs. Because exchanging TONS of caps could change their lives a bit. And, yes, you read correctly, TONS of caps, which is not a trivial thing.

I think it was a time when from our homes, schools, companies and various institutions we were giving a very good response in solidarity. In fact, was it really difficult for us to keep bottle caps? In addition, there were many associations, companies and even private individuals who were in charge of collecting them. I’m sure that some of us realized that the bottle caps were not only used to make handicrafts but also for something “bigger”. But, be careful, don’t think that recycling plastic caps is an easy task, it is a process that cannot be carried out just anywhere. They have to be worked in special recovery plants.

The thing is that last July I found many, many, caps that I didn’t know what to do with and I started looking for someone to give them to. This is how I found our protagonists of today: Ekomodo. Their mission is clear:

To help people and organizations create a better world, with products that are good for our customers, good for society and good for the planet.

It all started in Eko-REC, an industrial company in Europe that began by recycling plastic (5 million bottles a day no more and no less) to later transform it into products that are used in sectors such as automotive, food or textiles. After research a lot, in 2018 they decided to design and manufacture a series of stylish products that were also sustainable (at all levels) and that people could use in their daily lives. This is how Ekomodo came about.

The team is made up of 4 people, 3 of whom were trained in LEINN, the degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation offered by the University of Mondragon, which I have already told you about on some occasions. They are David Zabala, CEO; Adriana Uribesalgo, Creative Director; Aritz Gartzia, Business Development Director; and Judit Astigarraga, Communications Director. 4 P.E. who deserve this name.

I recommend that you listen to the interview with Adriana Uribesalgo in which she makes it very clear why this company and its entrepreneurial vocation.

You may more or less like the products they produce, but you won’t tell me that the philosophy behind it is not worth a space in this blog.

By the way, if you want to contact Ekomodo, you have it easy. I will pass on his email address, hola@ekomodo.eus, and his whatsapp number, 644 692 705.

To the four of you, thank you for your contribution, from the local and our possibilities, to be able to change a little the world in which we live.

To all of you who follow this blog, I wish you a good start and don’t forget to put on your masks.

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