Basque FEST: an Easter that tastes like entrepreneurism

IMG_20150402_203941This Easter, besides its value and religious sense, it has also been full of ideas of entrepreneur people. Because in Bilbao, this week the religious confraternities and the good weather have welcome, besides the spring, a particular and international event in which the entrepreneurs have had their place, its name basque FEST.

As soon as you go into their official web page, you can read that basque FEST aspires to become a “unique, open and international event, a date with the Basque culture in its full sense. Music, design, literature, gastronomy, sport… tradition, innovation, art, vanguards… Our culture: urban, Basque, cosmopolitan, a “cultural space”, a meeting point, creation and interculture that it is created with the goal of developing and becoming, in a short period of time, a prestigious event in the city, that contributes to consolidate the cultural leadership of Bilbao.”

From my personal point of view, there is no doubt about it. I was able to see it with my own eyes when on Maundy Thursday we approached to the Eixample of Bilbao, conveniently prepared for the occasion by David Tazueco and his great team of dt creativos.  It was then when we could enjoy, the creations of the 20 Basque design and gastronomy brands, among others. And we still had so much to see.

Today I would like to stand out the Armuseli artists (soon they will have their web page active:, the creatives of and not a less of Vas hecha un cuadro artist, Maite Cobo.

If you were not able to go to the Eixample, here you have a summary video of it.

basque FEST


Beatriz, Patricia and Itxaso, three entrepreneur women behind the Armuseli; Maite, the artist who has changed the sense of “vas hecha un cuadro” (to look like a mess) sentence for a more positive sense and David as a representative of dt creatives are a clear example of entrepreneur people, those who, as I have told you about in more than one occasion are: creative, willing, committed, brave, persistent, innovative, with a clear goal and really positive.

This post is dedicated to them, for being part of our Basque culture, which has been known, more than once, as entrepreneur. Thank you for keeping setting an example of values and for contributing to the development of a society that has to demonstrate more than ever that we can all contribute from our places to change and social, democratic and economic growth that we all crave.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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