Art for life or how creativity helps us to improve ourselves.


Have you ever thought about what could you do to develop in a better and different way your usual professional competences?

After reading this post, I’m sure that you will feel like trying a different way of developing your own potential even more. Today I present you to an entrepreneur whose methodology I’m sure you’ll like. This is how hundreds of women and men who have already experimented it think.

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The first image that comes to my mind when I think about her is a smiley woman, ready and willing to start… her name is Miren Lauzirika, and although she started her project Art for Life!  back in November 2013, she is not new on this world because she’s been designing and developing projects since 1999.

Miren is an entrepreneur woman, a responsible, enthusiast, brave, persevering woman who conveys illusion, willingness and happiness wherever she is, a resolutive, creative person with a lot of resources and who clicks really well with people, creating really nice working spaces, where humour and fun are guaranteed. It’s creativeness on its pure state and carries out functions of consulting, inventing, formating and facilitating.

Miren’s most powerful tool is her creativeness. Not in vain she bases her work on creativity applied to work and social environment. Because what Miren defends is that we need to work to create happy and efficient professional environments and contexts. And that’s what she tries to do through Art for Life! And what Miren looks for is, and I quote: motivated, happy people who are involved in what they do, with a proactive attitude, developing singular ideas that give sense to her work. I have been a witness of her good making, less than what I’d have wanted to, and I assure you that what she looks for, she gets. It’s not only about having good ideas but about implementing them.


And, how does she do it? She uses tools that boost the active listening and the participation of every person who intervenes on the learning processes. A collaborative learning, which promotes reflection and action. This is a different way of creating ideas playfully and visually. What Miren designs, always ad hoc, are individual and group dynamics that activate the creativity of the participants.

In order to get it, Miren suggests a great diversity of activities, from formative programs to networking sessions, passing through strategic creative processes, revitalization of events and visual thinking sessions. All of these with the goal of developing professional competences through the creativity of each person. And always looking for results.

To sum up, an initiative with its own quality sign, where the creativity is the “house’s brand”. An initiative that has the name of a woman who takes part in EmakumeEkin, as it couldn’t be any other way.

I’m finishing quoting what Miren said in an interview, also from an entrepreneur program, DeustoPush:

We can work on a happy, really responsible, kind, highly productive and “not so serious” environment, understanding by that an environment in which people can be themselves.

If you want to reach out to Miren or know more about her proposition, you just have to contact her. Here you have how to do it:

I also leave you with a video (in basque) if any of you want to know more about her and her way of thinking about women and entrepreneurship.

Be happy.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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