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zapatos de coloresToday I want to introduce you an innovative fashion initiative. Some months ago, I talked to you about the brand and concept called Banhüs, from my friend Tamara. Today I want to tell you something about MOSSTO, another brand I found out a few weeks ago while I was visiting an entrepreneurs’ event in Yimby Bilbao. In that occasion, I came across a peculiar product, designed by Tanya Heath.

tacones rojos

After more than 3 years of work, development, tests and more tests, MOSSTO, by Patricia and Juan Ángel, was born in 2008 in Almansa (Almeria). It is the first Spanish brand which offers the same shoe with two different heights (4 and 8cm) exchangeable in a quick and easy way without changing the aesthetic of itself thanks to its magnet technology.

A “100% made in Spain” shoe that came up after a wedding when, as the CEO of Mossto, Juan Ángel Montegudo says: “they realized that, at the end of the day, the majority of women had to change their shoes and forget about their heels so they could keep enjoying the celebration.”

Values like functionality, simplicity, youth, freshness, urban sophistication and elegancy are shown through her line of detachable heels; shoes of a variable height that every woman desires to have discovered before, if we haven’t done already.

Here you have a video so you can have a clearer vision of what I’m talking about:

Because the product that MOSSTO offers us is a product of women, for women. A product that invites women from 25 to 50, approximately, who are workers, sophisticated and elegant, rakish, but above all, women who are the owner of their life and who will choose what height to wear in every moment of the day or night depending on their necessities. Because each of us wants a type of shoe that adapts to our style, mood, rhythm of life and, why not, to our accessories of the day. Could it be the Giacinta by Banhüs?

MOSSTOIt secret is hidden in the streamlined fitting and flexible show tree (which adapts to our own weight), and a heel with a magnetic joint system. Everything without losing its original shape since they use elastic materials based on natural leathers subjected to certain procedures to make them even more elastic for their production.

Among the type of shoes we have: pumps (open- and close toes), boots, ankle boots, sandals and booties.

After managing to fill a gap in the Spanish market, they are expanding to countries such as Denmark, China or Japan.

Its price goes from 130 to 199 euros, but we hope that being in new markets will bring all the worker women that would love to wear them closer to this product. In the end, the democratization of this type of shoe goes within its producers’ plans.

Congratulations for the product, for taking advantage of an opportunity and for launching an innovative and useful product which we think that one day it will b available for more women.

Enjoy your week, wearing high heels or not.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.



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