2022 is gone, 2023 is here and is coming by Panabus.

I was looking forward to returning to this space. It’s been difficult weeks, with a lot of work and other responsibilities that didn’t allow me to bring you this new post at the time I wanted, but I’m sure you’ll like this “project” I’m bringing you today, if not, please don’t hesitate to tell me. By the way, first of all, I wish you a fantastic new year.

In December 2022, just in the last coffee of the year celebrated by the EntreComp community, I had the opportunity to meet Panabus and one of its founders Carlos de Veer. Panabus is a union of two words, pana, which for Venelozanos means “friend” and bus, from the word bus, obviously.

It is a network of assistance for people in street situations, which seeks to enhance the dignity of those it serves, offering through mobile units the basic services of: personal grooming, hairdressing and barbering, primary medical care and recreational dining.

In addition to the services they offer, they also promote the social insertion of the people they serve and foster values such as social responsibility, teamwork, humility, professional ethics, transparency, solidarity, dignity, honesty, social inclusion, and motivation.

Its vision is:

To be a global network of care units, for people in street situations, with great social impact, that contributes values to society, and that serves as a worldwide reference in the field of corporate social responsibility

Here you have a video that will surely shed more light on the matter.

By the way, I haven’t told you that this network is located in Venezuela (you may have already heard), which for many of us is a bit far away, but the possibilities of collaborating are very varied:

  • Collaborate as a volunteer by getting on the Panabus one day.
  • Donate clothes, non-perishable food, medical supplies, cleaning and personal hygiene products.
  • Support the organisation from our professions, area of knowledge or action.
  • As an organisation, be part of its allies.
  • Give financial support.

You can also contact them by email (info@panabus.org) or telephone (+58 (212) 263.68.70).

I hope that, as I said at the beginning, you like this entrepreneurial project and that it has moved you a little, as well as learning.

Make the most of this first month of 2023.

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